What is Athletic Therapy? What does an Athletic Therapist do?

Athletic Therapy (AT) is a nationally recognized association of therapists who provide assessments and treatments and educate prevention, of all musculoskeletal injuries.  The scope of practice includes indentifing acute and chronic injuries.  Speaking with doctors to confirm suspicions and creating an individualized treatment plan for each person’s injury.  Injuries vary from patient to patient, examples; ankle sprains, chronic back pain, repetitive strain, golfer’s elbow, broken bones, arthritic pain, bursitis, and the list goes on…

We are all athletes!  Injuries can arise from sports, recreational activities, work, motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, even while on vacation.  An Athletic Therapist can be the difference between healing and healing well, healing quicker, reducing pain during and after healing, preventing secondary complications, and preventing future injury.

An Athletic Therapist is certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association (CATA).  Athletic Therapist’s use many different forms of treatment, depending on the injury, the stage of healing, and the time frame the therapist has to with with.  An AT may use manual therapy such as soft tissue release, friction or deep tissue massage, use of modalities such as heat or ice, ultrasound or neuromuscular stimulation may be effective forms of treatment, and specific exercises and stretches are most often incorporated into the treatment plan.

Most insurance companies provide coverage for Athletic Therapy.  The current list includes:

  • Blue Cross
  • Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation Board
  • Green Shield
  • Great West Life
  • Sunlife
  • Manulife